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  Search Engine Interface

Search Engine InterfaceThe Fetchfido Search Engine Interface is and FREE, ok it's newish!
Ok it's not new you win.

You will no longer have to remember all those complicated web addresses as it will give you instant access to over 160 search engines at the press of your mouse button.

Set it as your home page and each time you select home the interface will pop up on your screen as fast your modem can squeak, then just click on the pictorial link of the engine you want to use and your there.

The interface is multi layered, with Universal, UK,US, European and Worldwide sections. Each section is selected using the icon bar at the top of the page.

Google It - Try the other Google searches
Google Video |
Google Suggest  | Google Froogle | Google Scholar
Google News | Google Catalogues | Google Personal
  Interface options ...
Option 1. Set it as your home page.
Option 2. Add it to your favorites.
Option 3. Add it to your links.
Option 4. Just use it....
Please feel free to add
( ) to your favorites
(Please note Fido's face will only appear in IE 5.0 and above and sometimes only after restarting.)

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