Hi Gimps,

Thanks for taking time out from the games.
I have been scouring the big www for a while now, checking out games which could be included on the fetchfido site for free and in most cases, legally :) if you have any favs you thinks could be included let me know. Game Suggestions

If you are interested in posting on the Fetchfido Blog and you consider spelling and judgment are up to it then contact me with 3 blog suggestions and the comments you would put under each link. If they look ok I will send you an invite to join. You will have to download the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer which makes the process of blogging simple.
Go on you know you want to be one of the team, hehe!

Anyone with a website or a school/college/uni .edu webspace please please please beg beg grovel grovel add a link to the one of the url's below, checkout the link page.

Or the sister site

visit egg2.com free online games

You can even use one of the cool fetchfido buttons if you want, ok ok so there not so kewl, you can still use one check them out by pressing the banners or buttons below.


Many thanks.

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