Hi it's a while since this was updated so I apologize if anyone passes out with shock.

It's been a mega ride, the site has been round since August 2000 and is presently seeing over 2.5 million visitors a month and up to 850,000 page requests a day, geeeeeeeeeeeeeez

It's no wonder it's currently one of the top game sites in the world in terms of traffic. (Stats according to Alexa)

To see how it looked back in June 2002 check out the archive.org entry here. It's a little slow but worth the wait if only for a laugh.

Content is provided by four 1200 gig/month servers. That's close to 4.8 terabytes of games transfer available each month, Whoooooosh!!

Changes have been made to code so the 'tell a friend' dove at the bottom of each games page should now fill in the page title and link the game address in the text, much improved. So tell ya friends if you have any, if not send one to yourself so you don't feel left out :)

Games are being licensed to complement other content sourced from all corners of the web. As the site grow increasing amounts of games will be licensed to give you guys something extra that you can not find anywhere else, so don't bother looking!!

Presently it has cemented a top ten position on Google for 'free online games' but the aim is to kick our competitors fat ass off the No.1 spot :) To do this we need lots of links to the games page so anyone in a position to tag a piece of web space with a link please do. School/college/uni .edu or .gov webspace is extra valuable so if you have any please drop a link in there or if you can sneak it on the schools/uni site while no ones looking even better.

Any kind of link would be just fantastic but No.1 choice and the most value to the site would be a text link using 'Fetchfido's Free Online Games' or even better 'Free Online Games' and linking this to the games menu page. If these are toooo long for your page, no worries a link using 'Fetchfido's Games' will be great also.

See how to link to Fetchfido Free Online Games Here

Help make Fetchfido No.1

Please call back soooooon and have fun!